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Item UP-BRO Other chemical drugs(eg Viagra , Cialis etc.)
Ingredients 100% Natural Plant Ingredients Chemical composition
Principle of Action According to the ”natural medicine” theory in the Europe, kidneys are the root of vital energy. Supplement the nutrients needed by the kidney with natural plant ingredients, to activate and enhance the kidney energy, and release body energy in a natural manner. Change the chemical mechanism in the body, use PDE5 inhibitor to inhibit the degradation of cGMP, and make the arteries swell and congest
Features UP-BRO will not only bring you passion, delight, and sexual stimulation, but also refresh your body and regulate your physical conditions for balanced and significantly enhanced vital energy. Only bring you passion, delight, and sexual stimulation
Side Effect No!!! (Accredited by BELAN laboratory and Praxis am Stubenringvva) Yes
Can I take it for a long time? YES!! Long-term use of UP-BRO will significantly improve your physical conditions. Eg: morning erection back, more energy, longer and more passionate sexual intercourse, hair quality improvement, more powerful wais, dysmenorrhea alleviation for female, enhanced ovarian function, and improved vision, etc. Have negative effects on liver, kidney, prostate function and internal secretion
Not Recommended Users Males and females under 18 years of age. Heart disease, stroke, retinitis pigmentosa, kidney disease, liver disease, blood disease, etcs
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