What should I do if my kidney is deficient and my waist and knees are soft?

Many people will look much older than their peers when they are obviously young. Not only does their hair appear whitish early, their teeth also appear loose, and they are even accompanied by soft waist and knees, fatigue and fatigue, and they can't lift their spirits when they do anything. These are all manifestations of kidney deficiency.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the main bone of the kidney, the Tibetan essence, and the waist are the house of the kidney. The kidney essence can nourish our waist and knees, making the waist and knees strong and powerful. If the kidney essence is insufficient, then the waist and knees will lose nourishment, and there will be pain in the waist and knees. The kidney essence can also nourish our limbs, bones, and internal organs. If the kidney essence is deficient, then there will be weakness of the muscles and bones, and the whole person seems to have no energy. Chinese medicine also says that the main water of the kidney can metabolize water, and the kidney qi also needs the nourishment of the kidney essence to effectively vaporize the metabolism of the water. This is why some people At night, I always keep running to the toilet. It is due to insufficient kidney essence and inability to nourish kidney qi, which leads to the inability of the kidneys to vaporize water, resulting in frequent nocturnal urination.

So how should we solve these problems?Today, Dr. Jia will share with you a famous prescription for kidney tonic medicine through the ages, called Suoyang Gujing Pill. The ingredients in it are composed of Suoyang, cistanche, morinda, psoralen, dodder, eucommia and other twenty-four flavors of traditional Chinese medicine. Suoyang is reused in the prescription, so it is called Suoyang Gujing Pill.

Although the whole prescription of medicinal materials is complicated, it can be divided into four types. Below, Dr. Jia will take you to interpret them one by one.

First of all, the first category, Suoyang and rehmannia are combined together, and kidney essence deficiency will lead to kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. The combination of these two medicines can complement yin and yang, nourish blood and nourish yin, benefit the spirit and soothe the nerves, not only can the kidney yang be replenished to warm the lower focus, but also the essence and blood can be replenished to strengthen the waist and knees.

In the second category, morinda, cistanche, psoralen, dodder, leek seed, eucommia, antler cream and star anise are used to jointly assist in locking the sun, nourishing the kidney and helping the sun, solidifying the essence and relieving the relic. It is suitable for some symptoms such as frequent nocturnal urination, waist and knee weakness, cold pain and so on caused by kidney and yang deficiency.

In the third category, gorgon, lotus seed, lotus beard, keel, and oyster are used to concentrate astringency, benefit the kidney and solidify the essence, and firmly fix the kidney essence that is replenished into the body in the body to prevent it from flowing out of the body.

In the fourth category, yam and poria are used to strengthen the spleen and qi, alisma is used to facilitate water seepage, and Danpi, Zhimu, Huangbai, and Daqing salt can be used to clear the yin and reduce fever.

The above is the compatibility of Suoyang Gujing Pill, which replenishes kidney essence, strengthens Yuanyang, and strengthens waist and knees. Have you learned it?


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