What food nourishes the kidney?

What food is the most nourishing for the kidneys? What do men eat in daily life to help the kidneys achieve detoxification, nourishing and aphrodisiac effects? Which season is the most suitable for nourishing the kidneys? And how should different groups of people nourish the kidneys? The effect has a promoting effect.

black sesame

The nourishment of sesame to the kidneys is not just a little bit. Western medicine believes that the sesamin (lignan) contained in sesame has a certain effect on lowering cholesterol and fat, and it also has a suppressing effect on high blood pressure caused by kidney problems. . But you can’t eat too much at one time! The fat content in sesame is still very high, beware of getting fat. Chinese medicine believes that black sesame has a nourishing effect on the kidneys, which is beneficial to male sperm production, and female menstruation regulation and black hair black hair!


Fungus, especially black fungus, is a scavenger of blood vessels, which is undoubtedly of great help to the kidneys. Because the work load of the kidneys is heavy, the load that needs to be detoxified is also heavy, and if there is less garbage in the blood vessels, the burden on the kidneys will be less, right?

black beans, black rice

Black food enters the kidneys and can nourish the kidneys. The nutrients contained in black beans are also beneficial to men. Black rice can also improve the normal osmotic pressure of blood vessels and anemia. Moreover, it has more benefits to the kidneys, and its function of nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys is generally recognized by traditional Chinese medicine.


The effect of nourishing yin of yam is obvious. For male friends, the condition of kidney deficiency is mostly yin deficiency, so eating more yam is beneficial to men's body. Especially for those men with strong firepower, it is more necessary to nourish yin and invigorate the kidney. Therefore, it is the preferred food for nourishing the kidneys.

Chinese chives

There is a reason why chives are called Qiyangcao, not only because it is a hot food, but also has a relieving effect on gastrointestinal discomfort. In addition, the effect of promoting blood circulation and detoxification makes non-cai a small ginseng on people's tables.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons for invigorating the kidney. This is because spring and summer are the time to release energy, while in autumn and winter you need to keep out the cold and strengthen your body. Therefore, it is most important to invigorate the kidney. For people with cold body, it is more necessary to invigorate the kidney yang, and for people with strong firepower The male of male needs nourishing yang even more. You might as well eat more of the above kidney-nourishing foods in autumn and winter


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