Want to improve your energy?Kidney replenishment is very important!

Life and work in modern society are under great pressure, and environmental pollution is also very serious. Various factors such as the increase of radiation and chemical substances from various electronic products, as well as irregular diet, have caused people's kidney function to be overloaded, which has directly led to the accumulation of more and more toxins in kidney cells, which has reduced the detoxification function of the kidney. Over time, more and more toxins accumulate in the kidneys. The kidneys are like an oily sponge rag that needs to be cleaned and repaired regularly.If the sponge cannot be used, it can be replaced. If the kidney is broken, it will directly lead to the advent of malignant diseases such as uremia.So nourishing the kidney = nourishing life.

Winter is cold, and kidney replenishment is just in time.The old saying is: The kidney is the innate foundation.Kidney function is normal in winter, and the body can be adjusted to adapt to seasonal changes. Otherwise, it will cause metabolic disorders and reduced immunity and cause diseases.The kidney is like the roots of a big tree, with deep roots and lush leaves.By the same token, only a good kidney can make you healthy.In the face of some kidney problems, kidney supplementation and kidney nourishment are the most important treatments, and kidney nourishment is also an important way to delay aging and prevent certain diseases.

Nowadays, due to long-term physical overdrawn and excessive stress, people will experience rapid loss of energy and qi in their kidneys. Therefore, if you want to maintain a state of great energy and energy, it is very important to replenish the kidneys and nourish the kidneys. Today, I will share with you 3 ways to nourish the kidneys. It's not too late to know now.Come and have a look!

The first one: Eat nuts often.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that nuts are sweet and warm, and they are easy to get angry if used in other seasons, but they have the effect of keeping out the cold when eaten in winter. In addition, most nuts have the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the brain and strengthening the body. It is very good for the kidneys.

The second: wolfberry soaked in water or porridge.Wolfberry returns to the liver, and eating it in winter can not only replenish kidney qi, but also replenish Yang Qi.It is beneficial to eyesight, nourishes blood, and delays aging.You can make yam and wolfberry porridge at home, or wolfberry and white fungus soup, which are all good products for dietary therapy and kidney nourishment.

The third: soup supplement and black food.First, mushroom soup, the polysaccharides contained in shiitake mushrooms can improve the body's immune function, and the volatile components of shiitake mushrooms also have antiviral effects.Second, kidney tonic soup, which is composed of pork loin, eucommia, and walnuts, has special effects on low back pain, poor urination, and excessive frequency and urgency.

The fourth: supplement kidney nutrients.I believe that everyone can list a lot of foods for men to replenish their kidneys, and while replenishing their kidneys, they also need to supplement some nutrients so that they can help the body replenish their kidneys more comprehensively.If you are looking for this product, you can try our UP BRO Kidney nutritional supplement, a scientific formula from Austria, to help you regain your vitality!

The staple food you usually eat doesn't need to be too refined. It's good to eat black rice or black bean and jujube porridge, because black rice has had the titles of “medicinal rice”, “Gongmi”, and “longevity rice” since ancient times.Chinese medicine believes that eating black rice often has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney.At the same time, black rice is rich in nutrients, including vitamin B, calcium, iron, zinc and other substances, and its nutritional value is much higher than that of ordinary rice.At the same time, black beans are sweet and peaceful in taste, and have the effects of detoxification and clearing heat, nourishing blood and liver, nourishing kidneys, and replenishing deficiency.

Health tip: Black foods refer to foods that contain natural melanin and are black, purple or dark brown.Both the ancients and traditional Chinese medicine believed that the five colors correspond to the five internal organs, while the black color corresponds to the kidneys. Therefore, eating some black food appropriately throughout the year can not only protect the kidneys, but also benefit other organs of the body.I'll secretly tell you a secret: eat a small handful of dried mulberries before going to bed every night, the effect is "amazing"!


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