With prostatitis , the prostate gland becomes inflamed . An acute process is replaced by a chronic one. The disease is diagnosed in 5-8% of men on the entire planet, the treatment is selected individually.


The disease is treated in three main ways: medication, physiotherapy, and lifestyle changes. If we are talking about drugs, then these are, first of all, antibiotics. They fight pathogenic bacteria that most often cause disease.

Doctors also prescribe other drugs. These are adrenoblockers, for example. They relieve symptoms and urination . Tablets allow you to relieve spasm of the sphincter, as well as the muscles of the bladder , the walls of the ureter and the gland itself. Stagnation of prostate juice is prevented, so it returns to its usual size, getting rid of edema . The duration of therapy is 6-8 months.

The doctor prescribes hormones . The work of the gland is influenced by the amount of androgens and estrogens in the body, so the treatment of prostatitis without hormonal drugs is impossible. Their intake will reduce the amount of glandular tissue in the organ, which contributes to recovery. A course that will reduce possible negative consequences for the body can only be determined by a professional doctor .

Physical therapy is also widespread. Doctors prescribe several options for procedures. They are aimed at improving blood circulation in the pelvis, thereby increasing the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy . Among the most common methods: electrical stimulation, laser therapy , laser-magnetic applications. Hypoxic therapy and hyperbaric oxygenation are also common.

Very often, doctors prescribe a course of massage . The doctor's finger is inserted into the patient's rectum , thus massaging the body of the gland. You can talk about the success of the massage when more than 4 drops of prostate secretion are released. In the chronic form of the disease, the procedure is carried out no more than once every two days. The course is usually 10 sessions.

The result is the restoration of duct patency, increased absorption of antibiotics, increasing the activity of pathogenic organisms, thereby increasing their sensitivity to antibacterial drugs, increasing the muscle tone of the gland, and improving blood circulation in the organ.

Treatment of prostatitis is sometimes such a complex and lengthy process that you have to try all sorts of ways. Including they do not forget about phytotherapy. Various decoctions can be used internally and externally, most often periwinkle, ginseng, St. John's wort, nettle, burdock and other plants are chosen. This method should not be used alone, it can only be part of an integrated approach.


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