the new way to nourish your vitality

You’re doing your best to revitalize your kidneys.

Diet taken care of…

Lifestyle overhauled…

But finding the right nutritional and herbal supplements for kidney wellness?

It takes too much time searching online and scouring health stores…

Squinting at labels to judge quality and purity…

Keeping track of multiple separate supplements, each with different daily doses…

It shouldn’t be so hard.

But until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to get the nutritional and herbal supplements we recommend in the Kidney Solution Program.

There was no single supplement brand that brought together kidney-specific ingredients in the effective combinations, doses and quality we demand.

So, we set out to create the ideal kidney supplements ourselves — the supplements we could recommend with confidence as Naturopaths and as kidney health coaches.

It took years of research and experimentation...

Months of sourcing the purest, highest-quality ingredients...

Now, we’re excited to introduce the kidney supplements we wish we could have offered you:UP-BRO kidney nutrients

UP-BRO combines the unique, natural powers of White root extract, Goji berry powder, Oyster powder, Ginseng root extract, Kudzu Root extract, Rubus powder, Powder of Chinese devil's sprouts, Chinese Guttaperchabaum Flower Extract in a special way and can help boost your vitality - without any chemical additives.

Taken together, these supplements work in synergy to:

Support healthy kidney function

Promote normal creatinine and urea levels

Protect kidney cells and tissues

Increase cellular energy

Activate anti-aging genes

Support cardiovascular and metabolic health

UP-BRO contains concentrated micronutrients clinically proven to support kidneys.According to the “natural medicine” theory in the Medieval Europe and theories of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Kidneys are the root of vital energy. According to clinical data, UP-BRO has a positive effect on regulating and improving erectile dysfunction (ED), and low back pain, insomnia (sleepless), forgetfulness, dizziness, tinnitus, impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity, old age frigidity, spermatorrhea, oligospermia, prostatic hyperplasia, frequent urination, urgent urination, incomplete bladder emptying due to renal malnutrition, and also a positive effect on hair care, hair growth, dysmenorrhea, female ovary.

UP-BRO deliver the power of 10+ supplements in optimal doses.

You get an effective, targeted, complete Kidney Support Protocol — in just You only need to take one course of kidney nutrients.

With UP-BRO, you can support your kidneys with a simple supplement protocol…
Formulated by Naturopaths 100% dedicated to the science of kidney health and the quality of our supplements.

Give your kidneys complete nutritional and herbal support, so you can enjoy the vitality and energy you deserve.


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