The best vitamins for hair growth

In order for the hair to be strong, healthy and thick, cosmetics, unfortunately, are not always enough. Hair needs both vitamins and minerals. When they are not enough, vitamin complexes and intensive hair care products will help restore the beauty of the hair.

How to choose vitamins for hair

Fortunately, pharmacies offer a wide range of vitamin complexes, so choosing the most effective vitamins will not be a problem. Of course, if the vitamins are selected by a trichologist, the effect of them will be maximum. Otherwise, you will have to select by trial and error.

First of all, you need to buy vitamins only in a pharmacy, like any drug. Only this will give a guarantee of the quality of the purchase. Poor-quality vitamins and intensive hair care products will not only not help solve the problem, but can also worsen your health

If the purpose of vitamins is to restore shine and a healthy look, ordinary vitamin complexes will do. If the condition of the hair is far from desired, the hair splits or falls out, you need specialized vitamin complexes for hair.

As a rule, the course of taking a vitamin complex is several months. And after a while the course will need to be repeated. Do not expect an instant result - hair restoration is a rather long and complicated process. The first changes should come in about a month.

How to understand that the selected vitamin complex is not suitable? First of all, the lack of results even after a few months. If you feel worse after taking it, it is also better to refuse such vitamins. Perhaps they contain a component to which the body reacts negatively. The higher its content, the worse the state of health. For example, magnesium can lower blood pressure. Therefore, vitamins with its high content are not suitable for people with low blood pressure.

All vitamin complexes contain a standard set of vitamins - A, B, C and E. This is the so-called base. Various manufacturers add additional components to vitamin complexes - vitamins and minerals. In order to choose the right vitamin complex, you need to know what the vitamin of each group is for.

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps to strengthen the hair from the inside, preventing brittleness and unhealthy appearance. In food, this vitamin is found in large quantities in foods such as butter, fish liver, chicken eggs, dried apricots, carrots and gooseberries. The lack of these products in the diet should be replenished with the help of vitamins.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B reduces oiliness of hair and gives them a healthy shine. This vitamin is rich in nuts, various cereals, bread, liver and eggs. A sufficient amount of this vitamin promotes active hair growth.

Vitamin E

It is one of the most important vitamins. It not only nourishes the hair, but also improves the blood circulation of the scalp, due to which the hair is saturated with strength “from the inside”. This vitamin is especially necessary if the diet lacks foods with its high content - sunflower oil, nuts, seeds.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D not only improves immunity, but also perfectly stimulates hair growth. In combination with vitamin A, it is able to effectively cope with the problem of hair loss.

Vitamin H

This vitamin is especially effective in combination with vitamin C. But on its own, it will do an excellent job of strengthening hair and stimulating their growth. Properly selected vitamin complex will return not only health and beautiful shine to hair, but also excellent health to their owner.

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