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In oriental medicine, the kidneys are considered the focus of the “Jing vital energy”, they are responsible for health and longevity. They manage all the processes that take place in the female body: growth, puberty, development of internal organs, hormonal balance, wilting, and more. However, the state, functionality of vital organs directly depend not only on the physical state. The determining factor is the amount of so-called Jing energy concentrated in the kidneys.

Jing - the basis of health, longevity

The postulates of Oriental medicine say that the functionality and performance of the whole organism directly depends on the condition of the kidneys. The formation of bone and cartilage tissue, hair, other systems and organs occurs with the direct participation of the energy of these organs.

  • The right kidney is considered an information repository about the potential of the whole family, the ancestors of a single person.
  • The left one is a repository of information that is passed on to future generations. First - at the moment of conception, then - in the process of intrauterine growth, fetal development.

How do Eastern healers use this data for treatment? Very simple. If a person has weak legs, sore knees, spine, fragile, easily broken bones, then the energy level of the kidneys is weak, critically reduced.

It is just as easy to diagnose in oriental medicine and the root of the problem:

  • if the right kidney is affected, it means that the disease was inherited by the person, from ancestors, or from the perception of the environment, imposed by family stereotypes;
  • if the left kidney worries, then the disease arose on the basis of a person’s personal attitude towards someone, something, but the worst thing is that there is a risk of passing this negative information on to descendants.
  • All the processes that take place in the female body, in particular, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, how early aging begins, menopause, are closely related to the Jing energy contained in the kidneys.
  • Jing is responsible for the synthesis of blood cells, composition, blood density, keeps under control menstruation, the moment of conception, the course of pregnancy, childbirth, how full lactation is, and so on.
  • In Eastern medicine, it is believed that the physical and mental development of the fetus directly depends on the Jing energy of the parents. Moreover, the main role is given to the energy potential of the mother's kidneys.
  • If a person does not like the cold, does not tolerate a cold snap in the off-season, suffers from frost in winter, then the Jing energy is sorely lacking. In cold weather, such people are advised to be especially careful: dress warmly, strengthen immunity, and not engage in hardening, winter swimming. With the onset of cold weather, carefully wrap your lower back, all the time try to keep your legs warm.
  • In oriental medicine, each human organ corresponds to a certain color. The kidneys are black in particular. If a person is wary of this tone, does not love at all, this is a clear signal that not everything is in order with the kidneys.
  • Each organ in the body has its own, individual temporary peak of activity, passivity. The greatest activity of the kidneys is the time from 17:00 to 19:00, passivity - 5:00 to 7:00. If during the period that falls at the peak of activity, there are painful, unpleasant sensations in the kidneys, then the body signals that it is time to visit a doctor, to make a diagnosis.

Why is the Ching energy so important for a woman

In the body of a woman, all processes, from birth to old age, are also associated with the energy potential or energy of the Jing of the kidneys.

Women often suffer from kidney problems. The reason for this is directly pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, any processes when the body has to work to the limit.

In addition, the weakening of Jing is caused by heavy mental and physical stress associated with raising children and household chores. And how often a woman simply does not have time to think about herself, her health, and as a result, immunity weakens, energy potential drops, the body is depleted, wears out quickly.

What are the signs of kidney failure?

  • pain, backache, heaviness, fatigue in the legs, especially in the evening;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle: too abundant discharge during critical days or the complete absence of menstruation;
  • the presence of such problems as thrush, vaginitis, inflammation of the ovaries, other diseases of the genital organs;
  • secondary or primary infertility, the threat of premature miscarriage, pathology of the genital organs, etc.;
  • decreased libido, as a consequence - various forms of frigidity.

According to Eastern doctors, all these problems can be solved if the level of renal energy is normalized. Otherwise, diseases and premature wilting will become inevitable companions.

body signals

Our body is highly organized, its secrets and possibilities are still not fully understood by doctors, scientists, researchers. If failures occur, it signals that it is time for a person to pay attention to himself. But how many of us can recognize signals? Unfortunately - units.

How the body tells us that the kidneys are not all right:

The weakening of the energy of the kidneys can be expressed in partial or complete loss of hearing, inflammation inside the ear caused by infection, colds, and other causes. Hair can tell the same story. If they are thin, brittle, dried up, gray hair appears ahead of time, this is a clear sign that something is wrong with the kidneys.

The following symptoms indicate problems specifically with these organs:

  • if you feel fatigue, apathy, a sudden breakdown from 17:00 to 19:00;
  • when anxiety, irritability, weakness occur in the period from 15:00 to 17:00.

With the onset of such periods, it is important to lose as little energy as possible. Devote this time to a quiet rest, reading a book, relax. After - return to the previous rhythm of life, do the usual things.

What makes our kidneys weak

Too much salt

Sodium is needed by cells, organs, systems for the normal course of biochemical processes. However, if there is an overabundance, it first of all heavily burdens the kidneys.

Too much sugar

It is reflected in the appearance of protein in the urine, leads to wear of the kidneys, aging of the whole organism.

Lack of liquid

Filtering blood, removing toxins, waste products of cellular life is one of the main functions of the kidneys. If a person drinks little water a day, carcinogens begin to accumulate, poison the blood, causing damage to the entire body.

retention of urine

If there is a desire to relieve the need in a small way, you must immediately do it. Regular intentional retention of urine creates excess pressure in the kidneys, bladder. This leads to organ failure, oxygen starvation, the appearance of sand, stones.

Too much animal protein

Animal protein, which is especially abundant in red meat, increases the metabolic burden on the kidneys. Abuse of protein food causes tension of vital organs, leads to functional disorders, the formation of foci of inflammation, the appearance of sand, stones.

Deficiency of vitamins, minerals

Healthy nutrition is the basis of life, a continuous source of vital energy. In particular, the lack of magnesium, vitamin B6 leads to kidney dysfunction, the appearance of sand, stones.

Frequent sleep deprivation

Regular lack of sleep causes serious health problems, affecting the functioning of the kidneys. Indeed, during sleep, the body not only rests, rejuvenates, but also regenerates damaged cells, tissues, organs.

Abuse of analgesics

Painkillers are taken at any convenient, inconvenient occasion, considering them a panacea for all problems. At the same time, no one thinks that the abuse of analgesics causes serious disturbances in the functioning of the kidneys.

Excess caffeine

Caffeine primarily increases blood pressure, like salt, it puts the greatest burden on the kidneys.

alcohol abuse

One glass of wine, beer is not harmful to health, but if you regularly take an immoderate amount of alcohol, the main burden will fall on the kidneys and liver.

Important! According to scientists, negative emotions cause the greatest damage to the kidneys. Especially destructive is fear, which literally sucks the energy out of these vital organs.

What will help maintain energy

To eliminate Jing deficiency syndrome, Eastern healers recommend the following:

  • To prevent cold from accumulating in vital organs, it is necessary to exclude bathing in cool, cold water, even hardening procedures.
  • You should always dress according to the weather, especially make sure that your legs and lower back are always warm. Especially in cold, windy, slushy weather.
  • It is recommended to avoid drafts, any hypothermia. You should not walk barefoot on the cold floor, the ground, lie and sleep on a damp bed, in a cool room, on wet grass.
  • With the onset of cold weather, it is recommended to thoroughly warm the soles of the feet before going to bed. To do this, you can soar your legs, make compresses with heated salt, warm your feet with heated stones, and more.
  • To ensure that kidney energy is always sufficient, it is recommended to review the diet. Exclude red meat from the menu, do not abuse sweet, white foods, milk, dairy products. Minimize coffee and alcohol intake.
  • The element Water corresponds to the kidneys, so it is recommended to saturate the diet with sea or freshwater fish, seafood, such as crabs, crayfish, mussels, oysters, sea kale. They have a warming effect, have a beneficial effect on the kidneys, the entire body.
  • Often there is a feeling of coldness in the feet, legs, throughout the body. Especially in winter, during the off-season. In the cold during the day it is difficult to keep warm in warm clothes, at night - under a warm blanket.
  • Attacks of paroxysmal hypothermia have become the norm. This is how crises are called when the body temperature suddenly rises to + 39-41 ° C , accompanied by chills, profuse sweating, migraine, a feeling of internal discomfort, tension.
  • Often there is constipation, accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the legs, coldness in the lower back, lower abdomen, perineum.
  • In the lower back, there is often aches, discomfort. The condition may be accompanied by muscle weakness in the legs, pain radiating to the heel.
  • Going down the stairs is not difficult. If you get up, it becomes difficult, there is heaviness in the legs, backache, pain in the lower back.
  • Often there is tinnitus, dizziness, sudden attacks of weakness. There may be temporary hearing loss, deafness.
  • Forgetfulness, inability to concentrate on thoughts, memory impairment.
  • Libido is reduced, during sexual intimacy the sensations are dull, blurry.
  • Urination is unsatisfactory: the stream is weak, or after the outflow of urine, it pours out a little more after 3-5 seconds.
  • During the day, the daily norm of liquid is drunk, and nighttime urination - at least 3-5 times.
  • Sleep is far from normal. Frequent restless dreams, insomnia torment. It is almost impossible to wake up in the morning, during the day you feel drowsiness, fatigue. All this can be accompanied by irritability, a tendency to depression, stress.
  • The immune system is weakened, due to the reduced resistance of the body, there are often colds, even if it is warm outside.
  • Puffiness of the eyelids, dark circles under the eyes, puffiness of the face (not only in the morning, but also during the day) are common. Vision is weakened, dryness of the mucous membrane of the eyes is often felt, there is a feeling of pain, the presence of motes in the eyes.
  • On the face there are chloasma, the so-called acquired age spots, light brown or brown-brown.
  • Hair falls out periodically or constantly: more than 100 hairs per day. The strands are sparse or the hair grows slowly.
  • The uterus is weak, the menstrual cycle is disturbed, doctors diagnosed primary or secondary infertility.

Test self-diagnosis

To check if you have “Kidney Yang Deficiency Syndrome”, the simple test below will help. If at least two or three points are present, then not everything is as good with the kidneys as we would like. Of course, the results obtained are not an accurate diagnosis. What happens to the body, the doctor should establish based on the results of a clinical examination. However, a self-diagnosis test will help you understand that it's time to pay attention to your health.

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