The kidneys are essential for the normal functioning of the body. This organ is located in the retroperitoneal space, on both sides of the spinal column. It is shaped like beans, but their parameters are not directly proportional to the work performed. However, one important point must be taken into account that the kidney contains filtering elements - nephrons, they remove harmful and retain components that are beneficial to the body.

What does an organ do to keep the body alive?

The kidneys perform an essential function in the process of filtering the blood . They leave in the body the necessary substances to maintain health.

However, they produce hormones and maintain water balance.

  • The kidneys filter approximately 2 liters of fluid per day.
  • They produce up to 2 liters of waste material.
  • Organs eliminate negative substances.
  • They are needed for the synthesis of erythropoietin, which is needed to make red blood cells.
  • Organs are involved in the appearance of renin, normalizing blood pressure .
  • The kidneys provide a vitamin that helps maintain the skeletal system.

What symptoms should be treated for ?

1. Edema, stagnation of fluid in the body.
2. Changing the parameters of the released liquid.
3. Pain when urinating .
4. Increased blood pressure .
5. Occurrence of inflammatory processes.
6. The appearance of fatigue.
7. Skin rashes and itching.

How should the kidneys be cleansed ?

Getting rid of the kidneys of toxins should be done once a year. You need to remember which foods have a bad effect on these organs. It is not recommended to use salt and unfavorable products: coffee, alcohol. Purine-fortified foods are not recommended because they increase uric acid levels.

Foods containing potassium are very bad for the kidneys . Do not eat foods rich in proteins, because they require the utmost work of the body. However, animal proteins are very harmful. High protein foods: meat, dairy products.

Why is it not advisable to eat foods rich in sugar?

Sugar has a negative effect on the kidneys , causing diabetes and increasing bad cholesterol. Increased consumption of sugar leads to a weakening of the organs. Therefore, when cleansing the kidneys , foods rich in sugar should be avoided.

What foods are good for the kidneys ?

The process of cleansing the body takes a certain time. The main role during this period is played by diuretics, which help to get rid of toxins. However, the most useful foods are: broccoli, artichokes, pineapples. They also use diuretic infusions: parsley, anise, dandelion.

The process of cleansing the body takes a certain amount of time. In addition to eating some foods with diuretic effect: broccoli, artichoke, pineapple, etc., you can also take kidney nutritional supplements with diuretic effect, such as: UP-BRO! It is composed of natural plants with diuretic properties such as ginseng, raspberry, blueberry, etc. It helps to eliminate toxins, supplement the various vitamins needed by the body, remove harmful substances in the kidneys, and change the state of your daily life. To cleanse your body as quickly as possible, you can combine a specific diet with dietary supplements and increase physical activity. We sincerely recommend using this information to improve kidney function and prevent the effects of negative factors.


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