List of foods useful for the kidneys

What foods should be included in the daily diet to support the normal functioning of the kidneys? The kidneys are a natural filter of the body, with insufficient functioning of which great health problems begin. For the prevention of kidney disease, it is important to observe the correct drinking regimen and add foods to the diet that support and facilitate their work. Kidneys and their value This paired organ cleanses the blood, removes toxins from the body. Set for complex cleansing of the body

Every day it filters about 180 liters of blood, so it is important to follow the rules of nutrition to make it easier for the filter to work:

the diet should be varied, since any mono-diet negatively affects the kidneys and their functioning . Influential foods should be used sure to drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day; limit the consumption of coffee, carbonated drinks, and strong tea

In addition to the following common foods, you can also supplement kidney nutrient products, such as: UP-BRO. It is extracted from a variety of plants, which can compensate for nutritional imbalances and comprehensive problems in many ways.

Attention! With renal pathologies, complications develop, up to a lethal outcome. Some diseases provoke such a poor functioning of the natural filter that the patient is connected to an artificial kidney machine.

Products useful for the body

If the diet contains products from the list below, then the natural filter will work for a long time, and most importantly, effectively:

Watermelon. This berry has a diuretic effect, successfully clears bacterial and viral infections. In addition, watermelon and melon contain serotonin, or the "hormone of happiness."

A decoction of oats. A properly prepared decoction of oats is an excellent cleansing product for the kidneys. The decoction stimulates the excretion of salts, strengthens blood vessels.

Birch sap without sugar. This natural product has been used in Russia since ancient times. First of all, it is an excellent diuretic.

Plums and apples. High Potency Natural Antioxidants

Grape. Contains all the most important trace elements: silicon, magnesium, iron.

Parsley, dill and green onions. These foods are rich in ascorbic acid, which is responsible for normal blood clotting.

Red pepper. Regular use of red pepper prevents the formation of cancer cells and flushes the kidneys well.

Also in the daily diet, the presence of fermented milk products, cereals and vegetable oils is necessary. As a dessert, it is optimal to use jelly or kissels that contain agar-agar.

Green tea is a great alternative to black tea and coffee in large quantities.

harmful products

There are also foods that are categorically not suitable for healthy kidneys. First of all, it is table salt.

Attention! Excessive salt intake leads to fluid retention in the body, resulting in edema.

Rich broths

Too fatty broths increase cholesterol levels, which leads to blockage of blood vessels. Semi-finished products

All harmful products containing preservatives give an extra burden on the body. It is better to leave such food for the festive table and eat less often.


Harm of alcohol is already known to everyone. But for the kidneys and liver, this product is especially dangerous, since it needs to be removed, and the blood should be filtered after intoxication. Also, the smallest vessels that are necessary for the full functioning of the kidneys die.


Even natural chocolate contains a huge amount of sugar, and it is hard to digest. Therefore, it is worth reducing its use by 2-3 times.

Mineral water

Without a doctor's prescription and indications for use, it is harmful for the body to drink too much mineralized water in large quantities. This is also a medicine that can put a strain on the kidneys.



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