How to increase libido in men and women?

Sexual activity is an important indicator of health for both men and women. In addition, intimate relationships largely determine the quality of life. But what if you absolutely do not want intimacy, and sexual caresses do not give pleasure? Decreased libido or lack of sexual desire, today, is becoming an increasingly common problem, regardless of gender differences.

For men and women:

Pay attention to relationships! Quarrels, conflicts, resentment and omissions destroy sexual life in more than half of the cases. The only way out is a heart-to-heart conversation. Learn not to hush up problems with a partner, but to clarify them.

1、Very often we are haunted by misunderstanding. Then we attribute our conjectures to another, which does not correspond to the real state of things. Have a revelation evening. Tell your spouse about your doubts and suspicions. The sooner you resolve all pressing issues, the sooner you will again experience the joy of sex. And at the same time, further relations with a partner will be restored. 

2Physical health! Any kind of physical activity will significantly increase libido. It is clinically proven that daily walks, running or swimming, with regular exercise, contribute to a qualitative improvement in sexual life.

3Balanced diet! Review your diet. It is very important that the foods you eat contain all the necessary trace elements. For example, halibut, salmon, clams, oysters increase sexual desire due to the fatty acids present in their composition. Stimulating, erogenous properties have dark chocolate, liver, eggs, avocados, bananas. Some spices also excite: pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, horseradish, garlic, onion. Also eat some kidney nutrients that are naturally synthesized from the above ingredients, such as: UP-BRO. It can comprehensively supplement the various nutrients required by the kidneys, thereby increasing libido!

Do not forget about zinc - a very important trace element, which is a building material for testosterone. Meat, nuts and seafood are rich in it and allow you to naturally restore the level of the hormone. A number of studies have shown that there are many herbs that increase libido. Celery, mint, parsley (and especially ginseng, which is called the root of life) stimulate the activity of the organs of the reproductive system. They can be used in the form of decoctions or infusions, as well as seasonings for other dishes.

4Enough sleep! For a full intimate life, it is important to sleep at least eight hours at night. This will provide you with much-needed rest and rejuvenation. In addition, testosterone is actively produced at night in men and in a certain amount in women. The result will be, with good health, men have a night and morning erection, and women have a psycho-physiological readiness for sexual contact. 

5Romance! Everyday problems and everyday life very often lead to the fact that we stop surprising each other. When was your last romantic evening!? Light music, candles, a couple of glasses of wine and a set table with the above products. This environment primarily affects the emotional relationship in a couple. Secret conversation, fleeting flirting, mutual pleasure from the presence of each other will increase your sensuality and trust in each other. Arrange such evenings (you can leave home) 1-2 times a month and you will be able to prevent a routine in relationships and a decrease in mutual attraction. 


Especially for men:

1.    Alcohol and smoking! Give up bad habits. They depress the nervous system. Smokers with experience become thinner blood vessels. Impotence develops due to a decrease in blood flow to the penis. Alcohol affects the production of sex hormones. For example, beer contains phytoestrogen (an analogue of female sex hormones), which replaces endogenous testosterone, dulls libido and also reduces erectile function. Take care of your desire in the perspective of age-related changes and the formation of chronic diseases.

2.    Uneven sex life! Too violent and active sexual life, its complete absence or alternation with periods of prolonged abstinence affect male sexual health. Try to normalize your relationship with your partner and ensure regular sexual activity. Firstly, in this way, you will become more stress-resistant, and secondly, you will prevent a number of diseases of the reproductive system, and therefore a premature decrease in potency. 

Only for women:

1.    Long live sensuality! Learn to please yourself with simple things. Develop sensitivity: touch, smell, hearing ... Favorite music, delicate perfume, touch of silk fabric - all this can become a source of pleasure for your sensuality. Relax, forget about all the worries and troubles.

Feel your body, love it. Examine yourself carefully in the mirror: the expressiveness of the eyes, the curve of the hip, the curl of the hair, the grace of the hand. You are unique! There is no other like it! Feel yourself, look through the eyes of men, imagine their admiration. Remember! Men love different women: skinny and “bodied”, blondes and brunettes, with different facial features. Accept yourself for who you are, and you will get the most out of life. 

2.    Viva foreplay! A great way to increase sexual desire is to have longer foreplay. Explain to your partner that before intercourse you need even more sexual caresses. Most likely he won't mind. Turn on your imagination, improvise!

Diversify your intimate life with the help of role-playing games, sex toys. Do not forget about the use of lubricants, these are special gels that compensate for the lack of lubrication and contain stimulating substances in their composition. And, remember that regular sexual activity rarely leads to a decrease in libido. In a busy life schedule, do not forget to pay attention to sex and be happy!


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