How to improve immunity in adults and elderly?

In the season of colds, in the rampant SARS and dangerous viral diseases such as influenza, each of us thinks about how to protect ourselves. And immediately the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bstrengthening immunity comes to mind.

On the very same jelly, you need to take care of the immune system constantly. Only in this case, then you will not have to urgently take measures to “rescue” from diseases, and in general, viruses will not be so dangerous for you.

But how to do this and where to start the fight for strong immunity?

Causes of reduced immunity

To begin with, let's deal with you with what causes the decrease in the strength of our body:

Seasonal change of weather. Yesterday it was hot and everyone went lightly dressed, but today it got colder. The body needs to adapt to such a change and get used to it. It seems that we have changed clothes and everything is fine, our body must be rebuilt. Also, a sharp change in climate is the cause of recession and colds, all for the same reason - the body is under stress and does not have time to quickly respond to external changes.

Stress - the more and more often we are nervous, the worse for ourselves. Here you can even notice the differences yourself, for example, you used to work in a quiet position, you forgot what sick leave is. Then you were transferred to the leadership, hassle, stress began, and diseases became more frequent. Everything is natural.

New living conditions.  when you move to live in a new place, you can get sick and so on.


Chronic diseases.

Under the influence of negative factors, the immune system is weakened and becomes susceptible to viruses and bacteria, which is why we easily get sick.

How to strengthen immunity

Based on this, many are concerned about the questions: how to quickly increase immunity, how can immunity be increased, what to do in order not to get sick?

Unfortunately, a magic pill for strength and health has not yet been invented, so you will have to work on your own. And now, fortunately, a plan for such actions has long been developed:

1. Try to minimize the use of antibiotics. Drink them only if a blood test shows a bacterial infection. Frequent use of antibiotics leads to a weakening of the body, its sterilization, and malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract. 

2. Get more sleep. Do not forget that for a healthy adult, eight hours of sleep is considered the norm. If you limit yourself in it, then the body will immediately give a response. You will be tired, nervous over trifles, you will not be able to concentrate on tasks. And, of course, you will become vulnerable to viruses. 

3. Wash your hands often. So you will wash away bacteria and germs, which means less of them will enter your body. Also, make it a rule not to touch your face in public places, otherwise you yourself will launch viruses on your mucous membrane.

4. Disinfect the phone - we have it everywhere, we only forget to wash it. Therefore, in order not to get sick, try to treat your smartphone with an antiseptic after visiting public places, especially in those places where it touches your mouth.

5. Sanitize the nose - that is, after the street, or rinse it with saline or saline from a pharmacy.

6. eat, take vitamins. It is believed that foods that increase immunity are rose hips, black currants, ginger, garlic, pumpkin and its seeds, fish, radish, oats. You can focus on them during the epidemic. Just not fanatical, because the same citrus fruits can cause allergies. So everything needs a balance.

7. Weakened immunity in a person often makes parents think about such a procedure as hardening. In fact, not everything is so clear-cut here. For adults and teenagers, a good option for hardening is a contrast shower. It has many advantages, for example, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, and, well, working with the immune system, respectively.

8. Nutritional supplements and Removal of toxins from the body. UP-BRO will help you with this task. It neutralizes microbes, captures them and brings them out. You begin to feel better, resist infections well, feel a surge of strength and vigor. Also UP-BRO perfectly helps to prevent diseases, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

9. Be more outdoors, especially for elderly.

10. Be less nervous, keep a psychologically healthy environment in the family.

You now know how to increas


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