Hair loss in Chinese medicine

My hair falls out so much that I start thinking about a wig.

These are my thoughts after Covid. It seemed that the process of hair loss could not be stopped. And the wig was the way out.

As the poll in stories showed, many people have the same problem. Yes, and at the reception you tell me that you are also thinking about a wig.

Let's figure out where to run and what to do with it ?! The good news is, I did it. My hair loss has stopped.

Let's start with 5 facts about hair from Chinese medicine.

  1. In Chinese medicine, the condition of the hair on the head can tell about the quality and quantity of blood. Hair is the "remnants" of blood. Blood nourishes the hair on a residual basis. Only after the body is “fed”.
  1. The second factor that affects hair growth and their condition is the essence or Jing of the kidneys. This is one of the varieties of Qi. Responsible for growth, reproduction and development. Its maximum amount falls on the period of puberty. Then the amount of Kidney Jing begins to decrease, we get older, lose hair, turn gray, sexual activity fades.
  1. Blood and Jing are interconnected. Jing is formed from Blood, and Blood is formed from Jing.
  1. At least 3 months must pass from the moment of the onset of changes in the body, leading to a deterioration in the condition of the hair or its loss.
  1. Hair treatment requires patience. Not earlier than 6 months from the start of treatment, you will see results, regardless of whether you replenished the Blood or nourished the Ching of the kidneys.

Another post-covid tail is a decrease in iron levels (anemia). In the language of Chinese medicine, lack of Blood.

This very disease proceeds at the level of Miraculous channels with a decrease in the amount of Jing energy so necessary for hair growth.

Imagine hair as a flower growing in the ground. The roots of a flower are the hair follicle. They stopped watering it. And they put it on fire.

How to grow? Of what? No blood, no Jing, even the roots are burning ((((

What to do?

Ideally, go to a specialist. Remember that health is the most precious thing, and you can't always buy it...

  1. Diagnosis of inflammation
  • C reactive protein ultrasensitive (CRP)
  • Interleukin-6 (IL-6)
  • Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)
  • Rheumatoid factor
  1. Diagnosis of anemia
  • ferritin
  • transferrin
  • serum iron
  • TIBC and LVBC (total and latent serum iron-binding capacity)
  • AT 12
  • complete blood count (CBC)

The master of Chinese medicine has his own additional diagnostic methods in his arsenal - diagnostics by pulse and tongue .

I will write Chinese preparations. 

  1. Deal with inflammation

- Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang

- Elixir Shuang Huang Lian (Shuang Huang Lian Kou Fu Ye)

  1. Replenish Blood and Ching for Hair Growth:
  • UP-BRO
  • Yang Xue Sheng Fa Jiao Nang
  • Qi Bao Mei Ran Wan

To replenish the blood - Nong Suo Dang Gui Wan (Nong Suo Dang Gui Wan)

I combined Chinese preparations with iron preparations and vitamins necessary for the absorption of iron, since in my analyzes there was an iron deficiency.

I will look at the deficiency of my vitamins in the coming days in organic acids.

A great addition to stopping hair loss and awakening new follicles will be a local effect - mesotherapy.

How to determine the cause of changes in hair on the head?

The cause may be emptiness of the Kidneys or lack of Blood. The final Chinese syndrome will be determined by the doctor based on examination, questioning, palpation, diagnosis by tongue and by listening to the pulse.

And we must remember that both syndromes can be present at the same time. For any of the reasons, the hair will become thin, brittle, dull, and will fall out.

Emptiness of the kidneys is distinguished by the fact that all these disorders occur mainly in the crown and temples. Gray hair is also a sign of a lack of Kidney Jing. And all these manifestations are most often hereditary.

And with the emptiness of the Blood, each hair of the head evenly deteriorates without preferential zones, characterized by dryness and split ends.

Causes of Hair Loss

  • Violation of the work of sex hormones (increased dihydrotestosterone and activity of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase).
  • Reduced function of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) - slows down all metabolic and regenerative processes. Hypothyroidism is associated with a decrease in iron, selenium, zinc, copper. And if the thyroid gland is not enough, then where is the hair.
  • Hidden iron deficiency. Anemia.
  • Lack of vitamins. Especially vitamin D! (its content is not lower than 60-70 feet / ml).
  • Also B vitamins and vitamin C.
  • Insufficient intake or absorption of protein - amino acids are necessary for the synthesis of hair keratin.
  • Chronic intoxications: 1-damage to hair follicles by heavy metals directly; 2-important trace elements for hair are used to detoxify toxins and heavy metals in the liver, nothing gets to the hair (this is a question that all microelements are normal, but hair falls out).
  • Chronic stress: cortisol inhibits protein synthesis, including hair. It is a catabolic hormone.
  • Lack of trace elements: iron, zinc, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, manganese, selenium. Lack of income, spending on other needs of the body.
  • An active autoimmune process in the body - antibodies that are produced in excess by the body can also affect hair follicles.
  • Insulin resistance: all metabolic processes are disturbed, poor blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles, inflammation.


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