February health season

February is the beginning of spring. Except for the beginning of spring that has just passed, February 19 is one of the twenty-four solar terms of rain.The characteristic of ”rain" is that at this time, as winter goes and spring comes, the temperature begins to rise and the humidity gradually rises, but the cold air activity is still more frequent, so it is still colder in the morning and evening, and everyone still needs to pay attention to keeping warm.Due to the increase in rain, the air is moist, and the weather is warm but not hot, which is more suitable for the growth of all things.

The sun is warm and long, the sun is warm, the temperature is warm, and the sunshine is rising, and the sunshine is gradually increasing. Health preservation in spring must also be in accordance with the yang qi, yang qi germinates, the first to grow, the first to grow, so, in, mainly, mainly, and, but, to start, to make, to make a comfortable diet should be the product, If you don't get it, you can't get it. The sour taste enters the liver and enters the liver, it is astringent, it is astringent, it is astringent, it is not conducive to the growth and development of yang qi。

Sun Simiao, the king of medicine in the Tang Dynasty, said: "In spring, it is easy to save acid, increase sweetness, and nourish temper." At the same time, he emphasized the importance of temper temper in this season. The specific methods of regulating the spleen and stomach can be selectively adjusted according to one's own situation, such as diet adjustment, drug rehabilitation, and daily work and rest adjustment. Diet adjustment is based on warmer weather in spring. However, it is colder in the morning and evening, and wind evils are gradually increasing. Dry mouth and tongue are often seen. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to replenish body water; eat less greasy products.

The leeks in early spring and February are green and tender, with a strong aroma and high quality. They are rare and good health products. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that health preservation in spring should follow the health preservation concept of "helping spring yang and nourishing liver wood", and "February leek" can do exactly this. Leek can be used as medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that leek is warm in nature and has the effects of promoting qi and regulating blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, warming the kidney and helping yang. There is also a record in "Supplements to Materia Medica": "Leeks can warm the middle and lower qi, nourish deficiency and yang, and harmonize viscera." Therefore, eating leeks in spring can help yang, nourish the liver, and benefit qi. It is an excellent health regimen. Taste.

In the classics of traditional Chinese medicine, leeks are known as "Yangcao", which has the effect of strengthening yang and nourishing the kidney. In addition, the taste of leeks is slightly sour, which has the effect of astringent and astringent. Therefore, eating leeks is beneficial to male spermatorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation Wait for a certain therapeutic effect. Modern research shows that leeks are rich in zinc, which is an indispensable element for maintaining sperm activity and promoting the development of male reproductive organs.

Chinese medicine for promoting qi and promoting blood circulation believes that the spicy smell of leeks is formed by the sulfides contained in it. Promote blood circulation, and also lower blood fat, lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and so on.

Moisturizing the lungs and improving eyesight Leek is rich in vitamin A and trace elements, and "February Leek" has the best quality and highest nutritional value. Often eating leeks in spring has the effects of improving eyesight, moistening the lungs, and beautifying the skin, and can also prevent the occurrence of asthma and colds.

It is the season of Yangchun and February, and the weather is slowly getting warmer. You might as well eat more leeks to maintain your health. A small handful of "February leeks" can make your body healthier.


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