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UP BRO is a kidney nutritional supplement of Austrian origin. It is a special nutritional product for people with kidney deficiency and yang loss caused by excessive stress, frequent sex life, overwork, mental loss, old age and physical deficiency. Long-term supplementation can comprehensively solve the male problems such as kidney deficiency, soft waist and knees, loss of energy, and insufficient yang caused by the above reasons, so that patients can restore kidney health and nutrition in the shortest possible time, and ensure the normal operation of the body and spirit.

1. Nourish kidney and aphrodisiac, enhance Yang Qi

UP BRO is rich in a variety of nutrients needed by the kidneys. Among them, OYSTERS contain a large amount of arginine, which is indispensable for the production of sperm, and the trace element lead.Arginine is the main component of sperm production, and lead promotes hormone secretion.Male diseases such as decreased sexual function, impotence, enlarged prostate, and hypoplasia of sexual organs are caused in many cases by insufficient lead. Eating oysters can maximize sexual function and are very suitable for people who need a harmonious married life.

At the same time, UP BRO also adds ginseng and wolfberry. Ginseng and wolfberry are eaten together. They are mainly beneficial to qi and nourishing yin. they can be used in the late stage of fever diseases. dry mouth and tongue caused by qi and yin deficiency, body irritability, insomnia, difficulty in dreaming, etc. can also be used, or it can be used for genetic infertility caused by stomach yin deficiency, constipation, dry mouth and dry tongue and other symptoms, in addition, It can also be used to treat back pain caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, upset night sweats, or astringent eyes, unclear vision, etc

2. Regulate blood microcirculation and prevent common diseases

UP BRO also adds cranberries, which can improve the blood microcirculation environment well, promote blood circulation, improve blood loss, dissolve blood clots and soften blood vessels., Regulates blood pressure in both directions, lowers blood sugar, and improves a number of health problems caused by insufficient qi and blood. It is very suitable for middle-aged people who are tired all the year round and have weak kidneys.

3. Improve the sub-healthy state of the body and strengthen the physique

UP BRO adds a variety of healthy nutrients, including ginseng, WOLFBERRY, RASPBERRY, PUERARIA MIRIFICA POWDER and vitamin C. It can nourish the kidney and essence, nourish the liver and clear THE EYES, replenish blood and SOOTHE the nerves. It has a good improvement effect on DIZZINESS with kidney deficiency and essence loss, soft waist and KNEES, early hair loss and THIRST.Kudzu powder is a kind of pure natural nutritional product extracted from the root of the liana kudzu. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, nourishing the body and quelling thirst, nourishing the kidney and spleen, nourishing the stomach and calming the nerves, clearing the heart and eyes, nourishing the intestines and stools, and sober up. Vitamin C can improve the absorption of iron and folic acid, and prevent some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.For the MIDDLE-AGED GROUP, UP BRO is the perfect choice for you to nourish your body.


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