8 things you should know before choosing nutritional supplements, especially for patients with kidney disease!

Everyone wants a healthier body. However, whether they are healthy or not is not entirely within their control, such as physique, genetics, living environment, etc.So, what factors can make the body healthy, and what can we fully grasp?It's nothing more than diet, exercise, and regular life.In such a busy life, we often ignore these basic truths.

We forgot how to live a healthy life.In the case of a healthy and balanced diet, it is actually unlikely to lack nutrients. It's just that our desire to hold the dominance of health in our hands is so strong that we can see all kinds of nutritional supplements everywhere.When you are considering whether to start receiving nutritional supplements, there are a few things you have to know first:

Some are used to supplement calories and can gain weight.Some are single nutrients and some are comprehensive nutrients.Some herbal medicines can also be regarded as a kind of nutritional supplement.Before choosing, you have to think about whether you need it.

Before deciding whether to use these supplements, it is recommended to discuss with the doctor who takes care of you whether it is suitable, regardless of whether you have kidney disease or not.Because nutritional supplements can also be dangerous, especially for patients with kidney disease, be extra careful with supplements for “weight loss, energy enhancement, and bodybuilding".
You may hear from friends, netizens, or relatives that a certain kind of nutrient or herbal medicine is very helpful to their health. You are very excited, but don't ignore it. The same kind of thing is helpful to others, but it may be harmful to you. Be careful!

If the kidneys are not functioning well, some nutrients cannot be excreted, and they will even accumulate in the body, causing major problems. At this time, nutrients become toxins, such as “potassium ions” are an important example.
For normal kidneys, potassium ions hardly cause problems. However, the concentration of potassium ions in the body of some patients with kidney disease will be too high. These nutrients containing potassium ions must be discontinued immediately.

Even people suffering from the same disease need different medicines or treatments, as do nutrients, and individual customized recommendations are required.

The same is true for kidney disease. Some people need additional protein supplements, some people want to reduce them, some people do not avoid mouth and will not affect the blood draw results, and some people must restrict their diet.Your own body is different from others, and the nutrition you need will be different.

Nutritionists sometimes suggest that you keep a diet diary, or even take pictures to do it. You can call it a "diet physical examination”. Combined with the blood drawing report, you can give you further dietary adjustment suggestions.
Discuss with the doctor who takes care of you. In addition to which one is a suitable nutritional supplement, some also have taste options.

Especially the science related to your own disease, the nutrients that kidney patients need or should avoid have undergone strict scientific testing, including changes in blood content, urine elimination rate, and changes in various body indicators.

As for whether you lack certain nutrients in your body, some blood draw indicators can be used as evidence. Therefore, please discuss with your doctor before deciding whether to use these nutrients. The doctor will give you advice in accordance with the latest scientific evidence and treatment guidelines.

Commercially available nutritional supplements are for healthy people, but for kidney patients, they may contain nutrients that are easy to accumulate in the body, which is harmful to health.Conversely, nutrition products suitable for kidney patients may not be available in general pharmacies. Please discuss with the doctor who takes care of you how to choose and obtain them for peace of mind.


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