7 ways to invigorate the kidney and strengthen yang

Tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang is a topic that men will never fade away, so do you know what are the methods for men to nourish the kidney and strengthen yang? Not only is it effective to eat kidney and yang strengthening foods, there are many ways to tonify the kidney and strengthen yang in life! 11 ways to invigorate the kidney and strengthen yang, I hope you like it.

7 ways to invigorate the kidney and strengthen yang

1. Physical exercise is the best aphrodisiac

Women rely on maintenance, men rely on exercise.In addition to having a healthy body and exuberant energy, exercise can also increase the oxygen content of the whole body and increase the secretion of testosterone. It is the best supplement to the male reproductive system. This kind of internal strengthening effect is far better than any health medicine. Exercise is the best aphrodisiac.Vigorous exercise should be done at least twice a week, such as playing ball, running, strength fitness, etc. After sweating profusely, it will bring mental and physical relaxation, and the quality of sex life will be greatly enhanced.On this basis, the following methods will be more effective.

2. Walk on tiptoe

There is a saying called “Walk a hundred steps after a meal and live to ninety-nine”, which means that going out and walking a hundred and ten steps after a meal can make people live a long life.For middle-aged men with weak sexual function, if they can stand on tiptoe when walking after a meal, they will receive good results in less than half a month.

When we walk on tiptoe, it is the force of the forefoot, more precisely, the inside of the forefoot and the thumb of the foot that play a supporting role.There are three meridians on the inside of the foot, which are the foot Shaoyin kidney meridian, the foot Jue Yin Liver meridian, and the foot Taiyin spleen meridian.Therefore, walking on tiptoe can massage the three yin of the foot, increase qi, and replenish the yang of the kidney through the foot Shaoyin and kidney meridian, which can play a role in improving sexual function.

3. Rub the waist and eyes to replenish the kidney and aphrodisiac

The lumbar eye is located in a 3.5-inch depression under the spine of the third lumbar spine.Chinese medicine believes that the lumbar eye is the “belt vein”, which is where the kidneys are located.The kidney is warm and cold, and frequent massage of the waist and eyes can warm the kidney yang and smooth the qi and blood.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rubbing the lumbar eyes and tail muscles with the palm can not only clear the veins and strengthen the lumbar spine, but also play a role in strengthening the kidney and prolonging life.

During the massage, rub your hands against each other to get hot, press tightly on the waist and eyes, stop for a while, and then rub down hard to the caudal area (long strong acupuncture point).Do it 50 to 100 times at a time, once every morning and evening.After rubbing, shake your fists lightly with both hands, and massage your waist and eyes with your eyes or back rotation, for about 5 minutes each time.

4. Sleep nourishes the kidney

Adequate sleep plays an important role in the biochemistry of qi and blood and the maintenance of kidney essence.Clinically, it has been found that many patients with renal failure experience excessive staying up late, excessive fatigue, and lack of sleep.Therefore, don't stay up too late, develop good work and rest habits, go to bed early and get up early, which is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence.

Men's sleeping posture is different, and the impact on health is also different.Does sleeping posture have “bad consequences” for sexual function?The answer is yes.For men, the best sleeping position is to lie on your back with your legs separated; while lying prone and lying on your side may have adverse effects on the male reproductive system.

5. Alternate hot and cold baths

This is a very old exercise method to enhance men's sexual function.When using alternating hot and cold baths, it is best to maintain a certain indoor temperature to prevent colds. After the bathtub is fully warmed, get out of the bathtub, apply cold water to the genitals, and wait for about 3 minutes. After the penis and scrotum shrink, enter the bathtub.After repeating this 3-5 times, it will end. If you can insist on doing “alternating baths” every day, you can make men after middle age energetic, enhance sexual function, and reduce fatigue.

6. Food nourishes kidney and aphrodisiac

There are too many foods for kidney nourishment and aphrodisiac, such as oysters, peppers, chocolate, truffles, leeks, pigeon meat, donkey meat, etc., which are said to be aphrodisiac, but most of them are cheating and do not play much role.

Around us, ordering a few skewers of sheep “waists” during barbecue is a favorite of many men. In addition, influenced by traditional concepts such as “what to eat and what to make up”, many men's dinner tables are indispensable. Animal offal with aphrodisiac functions or rich in zinc, such as beef whip, sheep kidney, pig liver, and chicken kidney.But recently, some experts have pointed out that the nutritional value and dangers of animal internal organs should be scientifically understood, because although animal internal organs have unique nutrients, the internal organs contain the heavy metal cadmium, which can have infertility effects on men.

7. Rub your ears

When you wake up in the morning, use your fingertips or ribbed surface to gently rub the ears such as the ear wheel body on both sides, or rub them with a little pressure, to the degree of local slight pain and heat.This method has the effect of reconciling yin and yang, dredging qi and blood, strengthening kidneys and solidifying essence, and has been advocated by health practitioners throughout the ages.


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