5 actions to easily improve male abilities, be sure to collect them!
Do you also have such troubles?

Busy, smoking, drinking during the day, tired of work and socializing,

Facing my lover at night, I always feel that my heart is overwhelmed and insufficient.

I often disarm and surrender within minutes, unable to satisfy my lover,

I also feel unhappy, lose face, hurt self-esteem,

The relationship with the lover is not as good as it used to be.

Even, often quarrel over trivial matters...

In order to make yourself look like a real man in front of your lover,

Forced to eat the little blue pill,

But it's not a long-term solution,

not only hurts the body,

And it will be played back to the "original" in minutes...

How to do? How to do? How to do?

It's not that difficult for a man!

Impotence and premature ejaculation, weak sexual ability, unable to keep up with sexual energy,

the troubles of men,

Mostly due to kidney deficiency!


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the consumption and recovery of the kidney is a dynamic balance; when the "consumed yang qi" is greater than the "restored yang qi", kidney deficiency will appear. 

There are many reasons for kidney deficiency, the common ones are: staying up late, sedentary, irregular life, bad habits, increasing age, overwork, etc.

Generally speaking, kidney deficiency in young people is usually caused by staying up late, sedentary, smoking, alcoholism, irregular life, etc.; kidney deficiency in middle-aged and elderly people is often caused by aging, the gradual decline of bodily functions, and the ability of the body to restore kidney essence. caused by decline, etc.

If the kidney is deficient and not replenished in time, it is very likely to lead to a decline in sexual performance, so that the above symptoms appear.

So, if the kidneys are deficient, how should we take care of them?

The official UP-BRO ambassador suggested that you should choose professional pure plant Chinese patent medicine for conditioning, replenish the overdrafted kidney essence from the root, and bring your body back to a healthy state!

In addition to using traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning, UP-BRO recommends 5 daily kidney nourishing methods for everyone. Remember to store them in case of "deficiency" from time to time~

1、Regular practice of squatting can exercise the muscles of the buttocks and legs, allowing blood to flow to the genitals, and the genitals are congested to generate libido. Action essentials: Open your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees down, and imagine yourself sitting on a chair. The lower you squat, the more you work your glutes. Then stand up slowly, and pay attention to the abdomen when standing up. The action should be slow, 10-15 times in a row is the best.

2、For men, push-ups are the exercise of choice for improving sexual performance. Because to complete a push-up, the muscles of the arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs need to cooperate closely with each other, and when men have sex, they also need to mobilize these muscles in the body. In addition, doing push-ups often can improve the elasticity of blood vessels and increase blood flow in the limbs, which also has a certain effect on helping erection and reducing erectile dysfunction.

Pay attention to each push-up, keep your back straight, tighten your hips and abdomen, and increase the number of times from less. When the upper body strength is insufficient, you can try pushing the wall first, and gradually increase the strength to perform the standard posture.

3、First sit in a kneeling position, and then adjust your breathing; then start to inhale slowly using the strength of your abdomen. While inhaling, the anus gradually tightened, thinking about the feeling of inhaling air from the anus. After filling your belly with air, compress your belly as if you were squeezing the air behind your back. Then expand the abdomen again, as if to squeeze the air from the back to the head. When exhaling, exhale slowly as if you want to squeeze air to your heart and jaw; and the tight anus gradually relaxes with exhalation.

Repeating the above steps for about ten minutes will make the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves smoother when they function.

4、Men can often massage Shenshu, Yongquan and other acupoints. At the same time, massage can be performed on multiple acupoints such as the groin, testicles and lower abdomen, especially the waist is the most important, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the house of the kidney, and massage the kidney house can play a role in strengthening the kidney, strengthening the waist, nourishing the essence and strengthening the essence. The role of dredging the meridians.

5、Adequate sleep is conducive to the specific organs for adequate nighttime uprights. Standing up at night is a process of self-exercise of the unique organ. This process is the body "charging" the unique organ, so that it is filled with oxygenated blood. Theoretically speaking, the more uprights at night, the more flexible the upright tissues will be, and the karma is more diligent than playful, and the special organs also understand this truth.

The above 5 methods

If you stick to it for a long time, you will get good results!


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